Anyone who does not like being hairy but is tired of having to contend with ingrown hairs from shaving or the pain of waxing has probably contemplated opting for laser hair removal treatment. This treatment may be more expensive than the other hair removal options available, but it is an ideal choice if you are looking for a permanent solution to staying hairless. In recent years, fair hair removal using lasers has experienced an upsurge in popularity, as the technology is much more efficient than it was in years past when the lasers were more adept at removing darker hair. However, is there a good time to choose to go for laser hair removal? Here are some surprising reasons why this treatment is better suited for the winter.

Laser hair removal is not suited to tanned skin

Although you could have a laser hair treatment any time that you want, you should take note that the efficiency would vary depending on various conditions. One such state would be the complexion of your skin. When your skin is tanned (whether through spending a considerable amount of time in the sun or through a spray tan), the laser finds it challenging to differentiate between your skin and the hair follicles due to the increase in pigmentation.

Therefore, you could end up with some of the hair removed but not all of it. Moreover, you also increase the risk of skin irritation since the laser will be focusing on your pigmented skin too, rather than just the hair. It would be best to opt for this treatment during the winter when your skin is not tanned and is at its normal pigmentation.

You can stay clear of direct sun exposure during the winter

Another measure that you should take after you have received laser treatment is staying out of direct sunlight. If you have opted for this hair removal solution for your legs, arms and other parts of your body that are usually exposed, you may start to develop skin irritations due to the ultraviolet rays. You could choose to wear long-sleeved clothes and stay away from your shorts, but this type of clothing can be unbearable to wear during the Aussie summer.

For your utmost convenience, you should choose to have the treatment performed during the winter when it is easier for you to stay away from the sun. Additionally, chances are you will be fully covered up during the winter months anyway, which further minimises the occurrence of irritation from UV exposure.