If you like pristine and attractive nails, you probably pay regular visits to your favourite nail spa for a complete manicure. And as technology advances, you may notice that these spas offer various nail treatments rather than just applying traditional nail lacquer. If you are looking to experiment with a new nail treatment but are unsure about what to pick from the various options available, you may want to consider trying a shellac manicure. This type of manicure is deemed to be superior to both traditional lacquers as well as gel nail polishes for numerous reasons. Read the following examples for just a few of the ways that a shellac manicure would be better for your nails.

A shellac manicure has longevity

One of the common peeves about having nail polish is contending with premature chips and cracks. You may choose to ignore them, but once the surface of the polish becomes compromised, it is only a matter of time that your nails start to look unattractive. Previously, the only way to fix this would be to set nail appointments every other day so that your manicure stays pristine. However, this means spending exorbitant amounts of money too. Shellac manicures are steadily becoming a favourite, as they are not vulnerable to chipping, meaning your manicure lasts for much longer.

A shellac manicure is quick drying

Getting your nails done may be a ritual you look forward to, but in some instances, you may be in a hurry and do not have the patience to sit and wait for your nails to dry. Additionally, if you do not give your nails sufficient time to dry you increase the chances of smudging them, and you would have to get the manicure done all over again from scratch. The good news is shellac manicures do not need you to practice extreme patience or reserve a considerable amount of your day to get your nails done. This type of polish is dried using ultraviolet light, so they are ready in a matter of minutes!

A shellac manicure is safe for your nails' health

Acrylic manicures are a typical option women seek at a nail spa as it provides them with the aesthetic of longer nails without having to grow their own. Nevertheless, the application of acrylics involves filing down your nail bed. Additionally, the longer you have them on, the weaker your actual nails become. Shellac nails do not require any electronic filing during the installation, making them a safer alternative for the health of your real nails.