If you're opening a beauty salon, you'll want to think about the interior style and overall appearance of the salon, and not just the equipment you need and services that you'll offer. A stylish salon will stand out from the competition, and you might even enjoy showing up for work every day when your environment and surroundings are fun and attractive, rather than bland and dull. To add fun and style to your beauty salon, note a few suggestions and ideas to consider.


An industrial style can be good for a salon in the city, or for when you want to add a city "vibe" to a salon in the suburbs. Consider adding exposed brick to one wall, which can be done even if the wall itself isn't brick. You can also run conduit or pipes across the ceiling; these don't need to be functional, but can simply be installed for visual appeal. Opt for metal frames around the mirrors, choose black styling chairs and shampoo chairs, and add glass shelving for products to complete your industrial look.


A vintage salon can be very fun and very stylish. Install black and white tile on the floor, and oversized, ornate frames for the mirrors. Shelving should be thick wood with very ornate wood brackets, and you can even paint them in a gold leaf finish for added style. Use Queen Anne style chairs to the waiting area, and choose pink styling and shampoo chairs to complete the vintage look.


A modern salon can be very attractive and perfect for a city setting. Opt for square styling and shampoo chairs rather than those with rounded backs, and keep the decor simple and not cluttered. Square metal frames without much detail are perfect for the mirrors, and a slate grey colour on the walls can also give the space a modern look. Have the reception desk built with glass blocks and Lucite, and this will work well in your modern salon.


An earthy theme in your beauty salon can actually help relax clients, as an abundance of plants and greenery can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Paint the salon walls in a soft green colour, and add planter boxes for plants so they become part of the decor and are not simply scattered around the salon. You can also add a water feature, such as a plug-in fountain, and have the reception station made with bamboo or teak, or even stone, for more earthy and natural elements.